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An event in 2009 changed my life...

My understanding of life, and of myself, drastically changed after a transformative experience I had in 2009. The experience I am going to tell you about is something that really happened to me, this is the first time I have written it down, and the first time I have shared this with someone who isn’t very close to me. I know this can be hard to understand and appreciate, yet it really happened to me. Please read with an open mind.

In the fall of 2009, I was taken to a man named Dr Martin. My boyfriend at the time had visited a shop on the west side of Phoenix, where a lady named Angel gave him Dr Martin’s card and told him I needed to go see this Dr. He came over to my house with the card and told me what had happened at the shop, and that he had heard about this Dr years ago from a friend that had been healed of cancer by him. When I heard this, I knew I was meant to go see this Dr. So I called the number on the card and made an appointment. I had gotten off the birth control pill many months before and hadn't gotten my period since stopping the pill (about 9 months). The day of my first appointment I was a little nervous to go see him, but I went anyways. When I arrived at the office, I was surprised at the location and character of the office. It wasn’t in a usual doctor’s office setting, it was situated in a double level strip mall by a pre-paid cell phone store in a bad part of town. As I walked in, the waiting room had several large paintings/framed posters of images of Jesus Christ hanging on the walls, and a few chairs and a front desk. I checked-in at the front desk, and was given a release form to sign saying that I was getting a metaphysical visit and not being seen by a licensed medical doctor. I signed the waiver and waited patiently. I was still slightly nervous. I was then called back into an exam room that had a desk, a couple chairs, and a therapy table. After a few minutes, Dr Martin knocked then walked in the door. He was an older black man dressed to the nines – I mean royal blue satin suit, royal blue alligator skin shoes and a large gold chain with a lion pendant. As soon as he was within a couple feet of me, I started laughing hysterically. I repeatedly said sorry for laughing, and the laughing just continued and continued. This was not laughing at someone or something, it was something that I couldn’t stop, and it was embarrassing. It was like I had immediately gone into an emotional release as soon as he came within a few feet of me. Deep laughing, laughing, laughing, laughing. I laughed the entire time I was at that first appointment. While the laughing continued, he acted like it was just another day at the office. By now he had sat down at the desk, I was sitting in the patient chair to the side of the desk, and he started the appointment. He took two of his fingers and ran them down my neck and sternum starting from behind my left ear, and told me all of the biochemical and physiological happenings in my body. As he did this, it felt like he was diagnosing me from inside my body. As though he had a way to see in and touch to see what was happening. It was extraordinary. He then explained a few more things that were happening in my body, and told me not to worry, and that everything will be okay. He then adjusted my back on the therapy table and told me to wait in the next room. I was then given an individualized prescription of liquid herbal formulas that he formulated and chelated himself, and was told to check-in in a couple weeks. I knew I had just been in the presence of someone remarkable. The next day my cycle started.

After my first appointment, I knew I had to take other people in my family, and friends, to him because he was a true gift to have access to. I had told my Papa (maternal grandpa) about him, and begged him to go see him for an appointment. He was reluctant to go, and was seeing a physician for kidney stones at the time. He had an appointment to get a lithotripsy to break up the large stones so they could pass. He had chronic kidney stone issues for many decades and lots of scar tissue from passing them. My Mom was in town staying with him to help care for him after the lithotripsy procedure. I begged my Papa to go see Dr Martin, and finally the day before he was supposed to go get the lithotripsy, he called me and said, “Okay, I’ll go see Dr Martin, can we get an appointment for tomorrow?” I called Dr Martin's office immediately, and was able to get an appointment for him, and for my Mom, the next day (my Mom was intrigued and had not seen a Dr in over 15 years). I met them at his office the next day, it was early/mid-morning when we arrived. We walked in, and my Mom decided to do her appointment first. I think she was a little nervous, or maybe skeptical. She asked me to come back with her, so I did. She sat in the normal patient seat to the side of the desk, and I sat in a chair behind the desk 8 or so feet away. Dr Martin walked in and sat in his usual chair at the desk with his back to me as he started to work on my Mom. As he started to work on my mom, I started to see waves of energy coming off his back into my entire torso, and I got extremely relaxed. I had never seen energy so clearly before in my life, it was like seeing the waves of heat coming off asphalt in the summer…clear as day, waves of energy coming off his back into my torso, no temperature to them, just waves, and I just got sooooo relaxed. Deeply relaxed, I sunk back into the chair and just blissed out, relaxed as could be. He finished the appointment with my Mom, then had my Papa come into the room for his appointment. As soon as my Papa came through the door, Dr Martin said, “Ohh boy, you’ve got kidney stones real bad…don’t you worry, we will get them taken care of.” My Papa looked surprised, like how did this man know that (he knew my Mom and I wouldn’t have told him that). So my Papa had his appointment and they both were given formulas to take and we finished at his office.

After the appointments, my Mom and Papa went back to my Papa’s house, and I drove to my boyfriend’s house where we were meeting up to go out for lunch. When I got to his house, I started to get this overwhelming feeling that I needed to go home immediately and sit/lay in bed, and/or get a pen and paper to write. It was an uncomfortable feeling as though I was getting pulled somewhere. This is a hard thing to describe, it was like I was getting pulled out of my body in some way. It was a very uncomfortable feeling, almost like anxiety - my hands started sweating, my heart was pounding. I told my boyfriend I needed to go home, and that I couldn’t go to lunch. I asked him to drive me home because I couldn’t drive in that state. He seemed a little disappointed, and maybe even frustrated, and he agreed to drive me home. We got in the car, and as soon as we turned right to go down the road toward my house, I went up and out of my body. It was just like I was in my body in the car, and then we turned right and I was going up through all these different layers of density and opaqueness. Not sure how to describe them with words. I was just going up through these layers and they had different feelings of density to them, and some were more opaque than others (opaque again fails to describe). As I was going up through these layers, there were different beings/entities going up, going down, staying in layers, staying in between layers (they didn’t have figure like a body) I just somehow knew they were entities/beings. I went up through these layers pretty fast into the bottom right corner of this huge light pinkish-white colored lotus flower. I mean this thing was huge, like hundreds of thousands of times the size of Earth. It was huge (the word huge cannot even grasp its immensity), and the color was not a consistent color. The only way I know how to describe it in words is that the color was evolving.

As soon as I got up into it, all I could sense was immense unconditional love. It was so potent, so intoxicating that it felt like I couldn’t stay there. It was like being shut in a tiny closet where millions of perfume bottles had spilled. It was such an overwhelming presence of unconditional love, and it was so full of unconditional love that nothing else could exist in that space. There literally was not room for anything else. And I started to see all the things in my life that I thought I had done wrong, or all the things that I thought I needed to be judged for, and judgement didn’t exist. There wasn’t room for anything but unconditional love. Judgement literally did not exist. Then I started to see these entities coming up into the flower and I could see the things that they had done in their life, I could see that they had raped and murdered, and done ‘horrible’ things, and I couldn’t judge them. Literally judgement didn’t exist. There wasn’t room for it. There was only potent unconditional love. Then I thought of boyfriends and girlfriends, and husbands and wives, and there was no gender. There was no separation between any of us, we were all just this flower of immense unconditional love. And it was so intense and so strong and so intoxicating I knew I couldn’t stay there. And then I came back into my body, and as soon as I got back into my body (we were still driving in the car) I grabbed the passenger door and the center console and gasped. My boyfriend looked over at me and said “What?”, and I said, “You’re never going to believe what just happened to me”, and he said, “What? It felt like you weren’t in the car.” And I said, “I wasn’t…” and proceeded to tell him what happened. He looked slightly confused, yet who wouldn’t after hearing that.

My Papa never had kidney stones again, he never had to pass the ones he had when he went to Dr Martin, they just dissolved, and they never came back. Dr Martin only charged what you could afford to pay, and most of the time worked for free, or for donation. Several other friends and family members went to see him, and in every case there were new insights gained and/or miraculous healing.

My life since then has been an attempt to integrate this experience, and be a vehicle of this unconditional love. I have felt an internal nagging to share this, and was frustrated and scared that I was being called to do this - as though I don't know how this will be received or interpreted. Yet, in the past two years, as Meditation has deepened the understanding of myself, it has become clear that the next step is to share this experience. The reason for writing this blog is for it to be a vehicle of this unconditional love. For it to be of service to my fellow beings, and to share an understanding of God, faith and the power of our connectedness that this experience, and Meditation, is continually revealing. Hope you join me in the upcoming posts that aim to bring all of this to Life in a new way. Love, Alexandra


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