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Alexandra Bruin Earl

Professional Yoga Teacher, Add Heart Facilitator

Specializing in Deep Relaxation & the Energetic System 

Alexandra has been studying the energetic system since 1999 and has taught Yoga since 2009.  She is an E-RYT Certified Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance and is an Add Heart Facilitator with HeartMath.  She is currently immersed in the practice of knowing herSelf.  


Alexandra has studied with some of the worlds most renowned yoga teachers and is devoted to the integration of each lineage and path.  She specializes in deep relaxation through restorative yoga and has completed advanced training in anatomy and therapeutics with Dr. Judith Hanson Lasater. Her Yoga training also includes 'Good for What Ails You' customized therapeutics study with Gabriel Halpern in Chicago, Illinois.  Her background includes 20+ years of meditation and reiki experience; the exploration of divine energetics with Dr. F.K. Martin at his medical practice in Phoenix, Arizona; and a stewardship in esoteric healing with Dr. Steve Hinkey.  She held a position of membership with the managing committee for Himalayan Social Journey in Nepal where she taught yoga on international tours in the Himalayas.  She has also taught international yoga retreats in Costa Rica.  


Alexandra's philosophy of the practice of yoga is one that is ever evolving and includes the discipline of refinement.  She combines methods and teachings to fulfill the needs of the student in front of her.  She meets each student where they are, and knows that the path to healing is diverse and individualized.  She specializes in deep relaxation, the energetic system and cultivating a daily meditation practice.  She teaches yoga and the energetic system as a way to awaken, empower and transform ourselves.  Alexandra is on a path of embodying unconditional love and being in love with life.  She invites us all to join. 


I am amazed every single time I enter the studio when Alexandra is teaching. Her vast knowledge and experience of yoga lends itself to her students learning something new and challenging in every class that she teaches. She lights up the room with her inner beauty and tranquil nature;


there is never a time when I have taken a class from her that I leave not feeling one hundred percent better, mentally as well as physically.




Ariane G


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