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Custom sequences and practice schedules that meet your needs, goals, and lifestyle.  This service is for existing clients.




I dropped into Alexandra’s yoga class about 6 months ago. At the time, I was still relatively new to the practice; approximately three or so years in, and on balance oblivious to the greater offerings of yoga beyond it being just a “good workout and stretch”. Taking classes with Alexandra marks the time frame when this all changed for me. In attending my first class with her, I thought she was a bit crazy - talking nonsense about chakras and invoking long, low-toned Lom chants. But the craziness inevitably led me to do a bit more research so I could assure myself that she was indeed speaking gibberish! On the contrary and much to my amazement, I found there was much more to yoga than I could have imagined and I have been on the long but fulfilling path ever since.


In recent months I’ve been more joyful than ever and I know it is because I have now had a glimpse into my spirituality that had been completely ignored for nearly 32 years! The amazing thing about Ms. Bruin is her knowledge and wisdom at her relatively young age (I think that maybe she has retained much from past lives, but I can’t be certain!). Most practitioners I come across that clearly have a strong sense of yogic wisdom typically carry a few wrinkles across their face. I am still confounded by the aberration of Alexandra, but who am I to question? This is a part of what makes her teaching magnetic - there is some mystery!


Finally, Alexandra has taught me the most important lesson of all. You see, I come from the business world, the world of economics. In this realm, one is taught the principle of scarcity, that there isn’t enough for everyone so therefore some suffering must exist on this earth which is bounded by limited resources. Alexandra has taught me the exact opposite, the principle of abundance. This is so simple, yet out of the grasp for so many if left to their own unconsciousness. Someone needs to show them.


Ryan D



I attended Alexandra's Chakra Yoga Workshop and wanted to let you guys know that I really enjoyed it. Alexandra did a great job explaining the chakras and the associated yoga poses. It was a very intense and focused practice that provided detailed knowledge about the individual chakras and how they all work together for optimum health and well-being. The meditation was wonderful and I left there energized and feeling good. The manual that was for sale shows all the poses and will be a great help for continuing to learn about the chakras and the practice.

Alexandra exudes confidence, knowledge, love, and beauty and any class with her is always wonderful. I would recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to expand their knowledge about the chakras.


Sabine A



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