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I will be eternally grateful that I answered a Facebook advert by Yoga teacher Alexandra Bruin to join her Yoga trekking holiday. Alexandra had joined with Ram Sapkota’s Himalayan Social to organise a 12-day holiday that inspired, thrilled, moved and exhausted me. Ram is old school and by that I mean his word is his bond – if you are lucky enough to meet the man – who donates 10% of his profits to community projects – you will understand. Meeting him was not a problem either because he made sure he was there to see us off on the first morning of the holiday and there to take us for a cultural meal on the last night before personally seeing me to my ride to the airport for my return home.


The Himalayan Social guide looking after us was Bishnu and my luggage porter was Binod. Over the next 12 days I quickly came to realise that we had been blessed because they were without a shadow of a doubt the best most personable friendly knowledgeable team out of those that we met on the trek looking after other groups. Not only that but when the guides got together to provide some Nepalese folk singing and dancing it was clear that Bishnu was the best dancer on the mountain.


I have had a regular yoga practice for 2-3 years now at a yoga centre where teachers come and go but only the best survive. Alexandra would have no trouble making herself a permanent fixture at any yoga centre that was lucky enough to benefit from her patronage. Her Yoga instruction is excellent, so much so that she had the Bishnu & Binon accomplishing poses it took me a year to master (and I’m using the word master loosely).


I would have been happy with the friendship and the spectacular scenery alone but am happy to confirm that the town hotels and the tea houses selected by Himalayan Social were to a very good standard often providing a standard of service / accommodation & facilities that exceeded my expectations. Throw in the city guided tours and you have what is a fantastic holiday at unbelievable value for money. So if you are thinking of booking a holiday through Himalayan Social or through Alexandra – do not worry, you will be in excellent hands.


Patrick O, TripAdvisor Review 10/2013


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