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Corporate Wellness delivered.

Specializing in corporate yoga, restorative therapy, teambuilding and motivational speaking.  





Yoga           Claws

 P A G O S A

Y O G A 

 P A G    S A

 Y    G A



"Alexandra has been teaching yoga to our company for nearly a year now - she is a true blessing!  She delivers a great all-around experience every time -- from her vast knowledge of the various yoga practices, to her ability to focus individuals on proper technique without disruption to the rest of the class -- she is the real deal.  She works great with yoga newbies in a corporate setting, to accommodate and incorporate their level of experience in with those who have more experience, while at the same time making everyone feel accomplished.  I highly recommend Alexandra for corporate wellness or individual yoga!"

Tracy S. Morehouse, General Counsel



"Better than corporate yoga!  Her Restorative Therapy has brought a new level of potential for our employees.  Every wellness program should have Restorative Therapy as an offering."

Samantha Trunige, Project Manager

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