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You are infinite and limitless. You can do and be anything.

Join me on a path of Self discovery, group consciousness and transformation. 

Unlimited Abundance. Unconditional Love. 

Discover Your 




Passionate and vibrant, Alexandra humbly offers an intention-driven practice founded on solid wisdom. Her natural intuitive abilities are informed by extensive knowledge and experience, tailoring each practice to be uniquely enlightening. Offering modifications and inviting playfulness, Alexandra's teaching is both accessible and welcoming to all.


Christian R


Alexandra Bruin Earl



Her devotion and compassion for her student’s individual practice is sure to draw more and more people as she helps them to remove their blockages in order to find their own unique path towards enlightenment. 


Ryan D

Lunar yoga with Alexandra was really great! Great way to end the year, too!


Anna E





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There is never a time when I have taken a class from her that I leave not feeling one hundred percent better, mentally as well as physically.


Ariane G


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